Monday, January 5, 2015

Sore calves and hearing aides

I ENJOYED OFFICIATING at the Little Devils girls basketball tournament Saturday afternoon at the CYO Gym. I don't do much reffing any more and it felt good to run up and down the floor, at least for the first two minutes.

Three of the four games were blowouts and not hard to follow. One game was really close and there was a lot of yelling and noise from the bleachers. The gym is basically a big tin can and the sound bounces around, so I didn't hear anything in particular and figured it was all good.

I got an email this morning from a father who apologized for yelling during the game. About all I can say is that reffing a fourth grade girls basketball game between two competitive teams is not easy - there's a lot going on and it's impossible to call everything. I just try to blow the whistle and make sure the game keeps moving.

As I suspected, two days later is the worst - my calves are on fire and my back is begging for more pain pills. Of course, yelling at the TV after the Lions were cheated out of a playoff win didn't help matters.

Anyway, I appreciated the email and the sentiment. It's all good. I'm hanging up the whistle for a while and waiting for Gus Macker to roll back around. And putting n
ew batteries in my hearing aid.

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