Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Collar that doggie Wings fan!

A YEAR AGO today, we put our beloved dog Lucy to sleep. I can still see her running down squirrels and cows and herding her adopted brother and sister. I miss her a lot. She would have hated Angus but dealt with her mother's insanity.

Life goes on. Angus, our ferocious little Corgi-Cattle Dog mix has become best buddies with Tucker the Border Collie and Fast Eddie. He is a little bleep and full of mischief, and he demands rather than asks to play. Relentlessly.

What Collar?
He finally outgrew his tiny puppy collar, so Sheryl found Lucy's old Detroit Red Wings collar and tearfully put it on him this morning. I gotta admit it looks pretty good, and Angus is a winner who has never missed the playoffs either, so it's fitting. The NHL playoffs start next week and I'm sure we'll be watching.

So it's a day to remember our Lucy Lou, and a day to continue looking forward.

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