Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gibson Les Pauls at the store

WE JUST RECEIVED two 2014 Gibson Les Paul Futura Min-ETune guitars at the store. They are pure Gibson, with cases, battery chargers and certificates of authenticity. We are selling them for $850 each, these are consignments that are unused but since we are not Gibson dealers we must sell them as if they were used.

The ETune feature is way cool. Simply turn on the battery-operated tuner, strum the strings, and the vintage tuning keys do all the work.

There's debate in the guitar world about self-tuning. Purists, of course, hate it. But I know more than a few players who could use it. We are fascinated by them!

Come see for yourself at Second String Music! We also have a Bose PA system, Line 6 pod HD and other amazing used acoustics in the store right now. Our new guitars are still coming in regularly and stock changes weekly.

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