Thursday, April 16, 2015

Murder trials and mouth tattoos

THERE WAS A murder trial in Quincy this week and the dirtball who did it was convicted. There. I said it. And it feels good.

I am not judging anybody. But when a jury convicts a man of beating somebody to death with a lead pipe, well ... opinions can be offered.

Let's just say the dirtball's tattoo was a little less .... pleasant.
Click here for Don O'Brien's excellent article about the verdict. Also read about how the defendant acted in front of the state's attorney prosecuting the case. I've always thought Rock A. Bye was sexy. I'll show him the tattoo under my lip to prove it, too.

Don was the only media guy to cover the trial. I do miss being in on the stuff you can't make up. Fortunately reading DOB's stories is the next best thing.

The reaction to the verdict from the family was powerful. Certainly this was a horrible event to endure and I'd probably want the person who murdered my wife or family member hung, too.

Then there was a family member of the guy who did it, who complained via Facebook about how much they'd suffered. Right. If you say so.

It took 12 people less than two hours of deliberation to make up their minds. In the world of crime and courts, that's a slam dunk. And we are all much safer for having this guy locked up for the rest of his life.


  1. I don't think this guy endeared himself to the jury. Nor did the extra details that he added about the crime, having told no cops before something that worked for him. Obviously, that inner-lip tattoo worked miracles for him, as was the smart-ass comment to Jon.
    Yep, you can't think up stuff like this!
    From, not really Anonymous, but you don't have other choices that work for me way up here in Hancock County.

  2. I guarantee you his attorney, who is excellent, told him not to take the stand. Always listen to your attorney. And never tick off the jury.