Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting lost - a Hart thing

MY COUSIN, NATALIE, just wrote the most awesome blog. Click here to read about her trip to Toronto last weekend. Natalie is Directionally Impaired, which is bred in the Hart genes and can be treated with therapy and Goose Island, but not in that order and not when driving.

It's worse for me because my mother had the same affliction. I will always remember spreading her ashes in Lake Michigan and smiling as the waves crashed into the beach, thinking happy thoughts in a very sad time. Then the next day I headed back to Quincy and not a mile from the beach, I took a wrong turn and got lost.

That's my mother in me. After all, she was the one who drove home from a friend's house in Montreal one frigid winter night, and ended up halfway to Toronto.

One of the beautiful things about living in Quincy is that it's really hard to get lost. We use tree names and numbers for streets, mostly. North is north and south is south - we aren't on some weird angle. But when I first moved here .... yup. I got lost a few times.

Here's how Natalie ended her blog, and it fits in perfectly with things I'm trying to get better at, life-wise.

1. When I make a wrong turn, I can correct it.
2. When I feel lost, it doesn't mean I'm irredeemably lost.
3. It may not be perfect, but I CAN DO IT.

Thanks, Cuz. You are on the right track.

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