Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hoorah for Quincy Farmer's Market

THE QUINCY FARMER'S Market continues to grow and try new things. We love it downtown at Fifth and Hampshire, the perfect location. They are having a big grand opening event this Saturday and Quincy Medical Group has partnered with the market with health-centered activities.
QMG Schedule for Saturday
Farmers Market

Saturday morning is the best time to do it. Local growers can get away from their gardens and farms for a few hours, and people enjoy a leisurely stroll to check out items. Somebody suggested keeping it open past noon - that would be great, but the market is just starting to gain traction, and noon is long enough for now.

I'm not sure what they are doing for music. A local street performer used to set up down there, but now I'm hearing he isn't coming back. I'm not getting in the middle of anything, but I do like the street vibe and live music really adds to the event.

Cheers to the organizers and vendors. Come downtown to see it for yourself Saturday morning, and, as always, support your small local businesses.

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