Friday, June 24, 2016

We love MSAF

THE MIDSUMMER ARTS Faire starts today in Washington Park, and we at Second String Music could not be happier.

Of all the downtown events we host, this one is the best. The park is jammed with people, it's a well-organized and family-friendly event, and the streets stay open. Yes, parking can be a challenge - but you can still find a spot within a block of the park if you are patient. On Saturday and Sunday, park in the covered lot across the street from the Herald-Whig on Fifth. It's half a block away.

Scott Smith and Katie Jean play Sunday for the MSAF.
Tonight is Blues In The District featuring Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames. John Roope kicks things off at 11:30 this morning with an acoustic show, and we'll be on the other side of the park by the John Wood statue.

Cori Lyssy and I (HartLyss) play tonight from 5:30 to 7 at the Meow Mixer, a Quincy Humane Society fundraiser. It's two doors down from us on Maine Street at Kristopher's Hair Studio. Easy gig!

Here's the musical lineup for the rest of the weekend. New this year is Jeff Schuecking and his Dixie Dads jazz band, and some other fresh faces entertaining you all for free from the Washington Park gazebo. See you at Fifth and Maine!

9:30 a.m. - BYU Noteworthy
10 a.m. - Bella Sonethongkham
11 - Logan Kammerer
Noon - Quincy Drum Circle
1 p.m. - George Cate
2 p.m. - Prospect Road
3 p.m. - Dixie Dads
11 a.m. - Scott Smith and Katie Jean
Noon - Ted Holt
1 p.m. - Emily and Spencer Smith
2 p.m.. - Rag Tag Irish Band

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