Monday, June 13, 2016

Love overcomes all

SORRY, YOU PIECE of bleep. You failed to realize killing 50 people and wounding a bunch more would only make us stronger, only make us reach out more.

You lost.

You shouldn't fight hatred with anger, but it's human. I'm venting. And in the end, there are lessons to take from all of this.

It's important to know who this person is and to figure out why he walked into a nightclub and started shooting people. But I've already forgotten his name. I already want to know more about the people who were killed, and how to help.

The shooter didn't realize lines would stretch for blocks, filled with people wanting to donate blood. There is a sense of helplessness when something like this happens. But we can do things, like give blood, donate to a worthy charity, try being a little more open-minded about mental illness.

The shooter couldn't have picked a worse day. Last night was the Tony Awards, long a platform for diversity. I didn't watch but I caught a couple of clips this morning and it seemed they had it figured out, kept the show going while keeping it respectful.

Refusal to cower in fear and hatred is a powerful thing, way more powerful than a POS with an assault rifle.

Could this have been stopped? Well. I'm not trying to scare you. But right here in our little slice of cocooned Midwestern living, there are unstable people walking around with exactly the same ideology and hatred. They. Are. Right. Here. And don't think what happened in Orlando couldn't happen in a sleepy little river town.

That's enough to scare anybody.

One last thing. We can continue the debate about gun control and the right to bear arms, always a political football. But those using this for political purposes are no better than the person who committed this atrocity. Making bigoted and uninformed remarks only paints you further into your dark corner.

Love, it seems, really does overcome all. That's what I'm choosing to focus on today.

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