Thursday, June 30, 2016

Less traffic on Maine Street

THE MEMORIAL BRIDGE is closed due to construction. Maine Street traffic is down, and so is traffic in our Fifth and Maine store.

We don't have specific numbers or charts or graphs or percentages. But I just looked out on Maine Street at 10:15 in the morning. There hasn't been a vehicle heading west or east for nearly five minutes.

We do rely on foot traffic, and it's noticeably down, too. Far less people have come into the store saying, "Oh, I was passing through and I saw the sign over your door."

We did have a great weekend with the Midsummer Arts Faire folks. Last Friday's Blues In The District drew a huge crowd, too, but most of those people know they are coming, or know to turn right onto Fifth Street when coming across the Bayview Bridge.

There were rumblings from Springfield that road construction projects would stop Friday due to the state's budget mess. I really hope our lawmakers get their bleep together and keep construction going. Not having the bridge ready to go by the appointed deadline is unacceptable. We are waiting for August.

Sheryl and I appreciate everybody who has supported us for five-plus years. Small business is the backbone of our community, and it is our honor to be your music store and support the local music scene. Come down and shop all the small businesses downtown and support YOUR local economy.

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