Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Band instruments and frazzled parents

I LIKE THE word "frazzled." As in, "I want you to learn a song, but you might get frazzled learning it." Or, "My daughter needs a violin for band and we are quite frazzled right now."

We are hearing that a lot around here at Second String Music. It's crunch time and school band season kicks in, and many parents are being informed that their child needs a violin, flute, sax, etc. Many parents have no idea what is involved and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Sheryl takes care of the band rentals. She is the patron saint of walking parents through the process. Most instruments are $22 a month to rent, and you go from there.

Sheryl also takes care of inventory, dealing with the band instrument company and making sure everything gets put in the system. I provide help by staying out of the way and marveling at how she deals with often frustrated and "frazzled" parents.

Don't want to come ALL the way down to the store? Click here to rent your child's instrument from us online! They will even ship it directly to you.

It's all good. It starts with out-of-tune beeps and toots and morphs into beautiful music
. We're glad to help you get started at Fifth and Maine - no matter how frazzled you are!

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