Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spending a bit more for success

YOU CAN'T BELIEVE how many times we have people come into Second String Music and say, "I want to get my son/daughter/boyfriend a guitar, but I don't want to spend a lot because I don't know if they will stick with it."

Here's a few things to consider when giving the gift of music.

Santa loves Second String Music
It's interesting how price is relative, and being Dutch, I can relate. Yesterday we had a man come in and buy a lefty guitar for his son, and he was surprised it was so affordable. Others cringe and won't spend the money, or go online and feel proud they saved a few bucks on a guitar they have never heard from people they will never see.

You can spend $40 or less on a second-hand junker or a Walmart special (or QVC special). You will get what you pay for, and you'll be looking for another guitar soon enough.

Or maybe you won't - that piece of wood with strings on it that fell apart in your hands a month after you bought it certainly won't encourage somebody to learn. Sheryl's theory is that if you buy the junker, you might as well have bought them nothing at all. There is a bigger certainty that the fledgling guitar player was set up to fail.

If you come to Second String Music, we'll take care of you. We have 1/2 sized guitars for the younger players that start at $79, including 1/2 sized Jasmines that only cost $99 and come with a bag. For older beginners, our orchestra and dreadnaught sizes are beautiful Jasmine and Luna guitars that start at $149. These are great quality guitars. All have truss rods for easy adjustments and low string action for easy play. Bonus: You supported a small business here in Quincy and that means we will be here to help you take care of the guitar. It's all part of a greater "deal" you make with us when you buy from us.

Second Bonus: When you buy or rent any instrument from Second String Music, you get four free private lessons at Vancil Performing Arts Center Music Department. They are at 8th and Ohio, have wonderful teachers and help your musician learn. Getting started on guitar is the hardest part - but with a teacher, a little guidance and encouragement they will stick with their instrument and succeed.

Third Bonus! (There are more than 3 but you probably get the point by now. You can read more here.)  Buying local and from a small business not only gets you all the personalized services you can't get on the internet or Walmart, but the money you spend travels around this community at least five more times and builds our town and improves the economy.

Shop early, buy quality, get extra benefits, and succeed. It's more than worth it.

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