Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Washing away Maulers memories

SATURDAY NIGHT SHERYL and I went out to Randy and Marcy Phillips' house in rural Coatsburg for his surprise birthday party. It was part of Aeronautics Day, where stuff gets flown and blown up on their gorgeous property, and there was live music from Jonny 7, Ted Holt and many others. Then Randy and the crew started their Wagonmaster schtick. Suddenly the Maulers appeared on stage and Rock N Roll broke out!

What the ... it's a Maulers gig!
If none of this makes sense, well, don't worry. It was a really good time and I must say these people are nuts and crazy and hilarious. If you see Greg Ellery around, ask him about his jar of ... well. Never mind.

Sheryl had a bit of wine and lots of fun. On Sunday and Monday, we couldn't find our official Wagonmaster T shirts, Sheryl's jacket or her camera case. We were resigned to them being lost for good.

This morning, Sheryl did laundry. And she found her missing items. In the washing machine. Clean.

"I must be more organized than I thought," she said.

Well. Spirit Knob Winery Vignoles can help her do a lot of organizing.

Everything is clean and we are still laughing. Sheryl got some tremendous photos and all in all, it was just another night of madness and mayhem.

Good, clean, mayhem.

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