Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World What?

LAST NIGHT I actually watched half an inning of the World Series. Yawwwnnnnn.

Then I checked the score about two hours later and it was in the fifth inning. And you wonder what's wrong with baseball?

This World Series is setting records for apathy among viewers. Sorry. It's the truth.

The games are too long. They start too late. The players are paid millions for something most of us did for fun and sheer enjoyment. A beer is $9 at the ballpark, and good seats are impossible to get. If you did get them, you'd pay hundreds of dollars.

I know, I know, all you Royals fans out there will be indignant about this, but sadly, nobody really cares about your team outside of Kansas City. It's too bad, because 29 years of awful baseball has been erased and there are probably good stories out there.

I grew up with the game, loved the game. But I have a long memory - 20 years ago, the World Series was canceled because of greedy owners, greedy players, greedy everything. That's when I stopped caring about baseball.

I paid for tickets for the first time in two decades this past summer, to see a Colorado Rockies home game. You know what? It was fun. And I'd probably do it again. But just once in a while.

If you still love the game, watch the game, get into the World Series, good for you. Let me know how Game 7 turns out tonight.

I'm with the masses. I'm not watching.

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