Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who will stop the rain? Not me, obviously

WE JUST CAN'T seem to catch a break with the weather and our Concerts On The Plaza.

We still have a few hours, but the radar is a mass of green and things don't look good for Hannibal's Seth Wade to play later this morning at Seventh and Maine. If it gets washed out, it will be the third time in four Thursdays we've had to cancel.

It's all my fault.

A few days ago I thought, "Hmmm. It hasn't rained for a while. The garden actually looks a little dry. We haven't had to water it yet this year. There's no possible way we are in a, gasp ... drought, is there?"

Silly me. Of course yesterday the skies opened and we had more than two inches of rain. We're getting more as we speak. Perhaps we'll hire some ducks or fish to perform at our show next week, if we don't get better weather.

What can you do? Pray for the sun to come out next week, when Steve Rees is scheduled to play. Or, just don't tempt the weather gods by actually thinking it hasn't rained lately.

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