Friday, October 3, 2014

Don't spend all the book money in one place

YESTERDAY I RECEIVED a check for selling my self-published book online. I was very excited when Sheryl handed it to me. Wow! A check! Shall we book a cruise to German wine country?

Uh, no.

"Congrats," Sheryl said. "It's for $12.32. Don't spend it all in once place."

Look. It's still a check. It means somebody bought the book, even if they were family members. It's enough to motivate me to resume writing the two other books that are in perma-hold.

"You could buy me a latte," Sheryl said.

I could. Actually, I need new guitar strings. I wonder where I could find those? I could get lunch. We probably need dog treats. I need new clothes after Angus rolled in something dead on our walk yesterday, then smeared it all over me on the car ride home. Or, I could pay for the want ad in the paper ("Free to good home. One smelly puppy. Just kidding. Sort of.")

Or, maybe I will hang the check on the wall.

Nah. I need guitar strings, and making Sheryl happy with a latte is a very good thing.

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