Thursday, October 9, 2014

We're playing, dang it

I WOKE UP to a rainy, dreary, cold morning. In other words, it was Thursday.

We have had three of the four Concerts On The Plaza canceled this year. Too cold, or too wet. I blame Travis Brown, former executive director of The District. Since he's not there now, it's his fault.

Nice Shoelaces Steve.
Anyway, I looked at the sky and the radar about 10:30. We had to make the call. The local forecaster said it was going to rain until mid-afternoon. It was still chilly with a brisk wind, but there were spots of blue sky and it looked like the rain was south of us.

Sheryl said, "I'm putting it on the Internet, so it is happening!" I finally said, "We're playing, dang it!" Decision made.

Steve Rees came over to the plaza at 7th and Maine Street, Frank Haxel and I plugged him in, and Steve played his heart out to about 15 people.

I wish more people were there, but I understand the mentality. Too cold, or too much to do, or just not in the mood. All I know is that you missed out, because Steve is amazing. As our friend Clint Mann put it, "He plays and sings like an old hippy angel."

Angus made it 16 listeners?
You've never heard renditions of great Bob Marley, James Taylor and John Prine songs, with a little Celtic flavor thrown in there for fun.

Anyway, thanks to Steve for braving the cool breezes and thanks to the hardy souls who came out. We will try it again one more time next Thursday when George Cate plays at the Seventh and Maine First Mid-Illinois Bank Plaza.

I promise it will be sunny and 70.

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