Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend gazlabashibab - wait. What?

THREE GIGS IN three nights is enough to slay most immortals. We will sleep when we are dead.

After an amazing weekend, the only thing I can say is ... gazlabashibab. Whatever that means. I am enjoying the rock and roll haze and everything that comes with being run over by the rock and roll truck.

It started Friday night with Frank Haxel's surprise birthday party at Turner Hall. We managed to get him to the historic venue without him knowing a thing, and he was genuinely stunned at all the people to greet him. Then Pepper Spray jammed the night away and it was more fun than should be allowed - thanks to Frank's wife Cindy, and Rollo Carder and Mark Mester from Turner Hall.

German Cheese! (Photo Courtesy Mike Sorenson/Bad Wolf Media)
The Cheeseburgers played Saturday at Oktoberfest and again had a blast. The Rotary Club did another fantastic job and it was much more spread out this time. I love playing right in the street. And, as always - beer tents should be as close to the stage as possible! My hat is off to the Rotarians who devoted thousands of volunteer hours to pull off a great community event.

Much love goes to Justin Sievert of Pepper Spray and Vertigo, who filled in on bass for us Saturday night and killed it. We had one practice with him and he was virtually flawless all night. It was obvious he'd done his homework and was prepared and I think he enjoyed playing with us.

Sunday morning, still cobwebbing, I helped out at the Sammy Fund event at Westview Golf Course. I was a Swing Oil Lubricant Specialist - I drove a beer cart. Here's to Chuck and June Otte, two of the most amazing people I've ever met. This was the final Sammy Fund weekend, and it goes down as one of the best organized charity events to ever grace Q-Town.

We capped it Sunday afternoon with a Cheeseburger show at a private driveway party on the east end of town. Smoke in the eyes from a bonfire is a beautiful thing, especially when you are trying to bellow Mustang Sally for the second time in 12 hours!

What. A. Weekend. I'm going back to bed until Thursday. Or maybe I'll just be a bum today and hang out in a music store instead.

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