Thursday, September 10, 2015

Angus and doggie short stories

ANGUS THE YOUNG, our little Corgi-Cattle Dog, is quite the athlete. He twists his little body into various shapes and can leap way up in the air to catch a ball. Genie, the newest addition, has paid attention and also likes to play ball, though she's not good at bringing it back - yet.

The other day we were talking about Angus and how he'd be a good baseball player. The next thing I know, Sheryl is writing a short story about Angus playing semi-pro baseball, and being scouted by a New York team in the Doggie Baseball League. So Angus decides to leave his mom and little town to pursue the dream of playing big league doggie ball.

The story is very entertaining. Sheryl is mortified I am writing about this - "Now people will expect me to finish it," she says.

Not really. It's just for fun.

Just a boy and his ball.
"I could write a whole bunch of stories," Sheryl says. "Angus could go back to the farm and play with his mother and father and fall into a big pile of horse poo. Boys love poo, you know."

Angus could have all kinds of adventures. He could jump out of an airplane, go to the moon, start his own business, become a canine police officer, save the world from Donald Trump. The possibilities are endless and Sheryl is quite excited.

"You shouldn't blog about this yet. Shouldn't we shop it to publishers first?," she says.

Angus takes it all in stride and demands to play ball, and chase Fast Eddie around the store for good measure. We've impressed upon him that he and Tucker have to properly train Genie. Wait a second .... that could be another great story.

So. This blog has gone to the dogs, as it has many times before. And Sheryl is writing funny stories just by looking at Angus and his one droopy ear.

Woof. It's a dog's world. We just live in it, and write about it.

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