Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Getting away

SHERYL AND I are heading north for Labor Day Weekend. We are staying with a buddy near Kalamazoo. He lives on a lake, a little slice of paradise. We will take Sheryl's sister, Stephanie, and her better half, Greg Ellery. It's gonna be a blast.

I might take them to Lake Michigan. Or we may just sit and veg and enjoy our idyllic surroundings and do nothing. That's the beauty of it - no plans. Just get up there and enjoy the time. Our host is a great guy and he likes to entertain. I will play a little guitar in exchange for us crashing in one of his cottages.

Steve Rees is taking care of Second String Music. Sheryl's nephew is watching the dogs. It's been stressful around here lately, just life itself and a lot of stuff going on.

It gets cured with a road trip. Getting away is always good. Then there's the whole coming back to reality thing, but really, I have no complaints.

Road trip! I'm ready.

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