Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to reality

BACK TO REALITY after a great few days up north. I could sit and stare at the lake all day. Much love and thanks to Mikey Tsillis, brother of the legendary Marian, brother-in-law of Rock A. Bye Johnny B. He has a beautiful place near Vicksburg, south of Kalamazoo.

The drive back was amazingly a non-event, save for Greg Ellery nearly running into the toll booth on I-80. Wasn't his fault the cars didn't get out of the way. We even got around Chicago without delay, though we did leave early.

And now that we've stopped at the Dixie  at McLean, IL, well .... we can rest easy the rest of our lives.

Hope you all had a good Labor Day Weekend and we are ready for bidness as usual at Fifth and Maine!

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