Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Breedloves are here!

OUR FAMILY OF guitars just welcomed the newest Second String Music addition - Breedlove Guitars!

The Breedlove story is pretty cool - two guys who worked for Taylor and broke off to start their own guitar-making company. Click here for more - it's a tale of determination. Sounds kinda familiar ....

The Breedlove Pursuit Concert guitar.
We are starting with the affordable Pursuit, Solo and Studio guitars. We also have the Solo Concert and Studio Concert guitars in stock. The Studio Concert guitar is incredible - I've never heard a guitar ping and project quite like it. All the Pursuit Breedloves have Fishman pickups and come with gig bags, and they all have USB ports for easy recording and live performance sound. The Solo and Studio Breedloves come with L.R. Baggs pickups and hard bag/cases.

I'm falling in love and I'm getting one soon enough. But I'll give our customers first crack and be patient, a hard thing to do when you get a new batch of incredible guitars.

Come in and see us at Fifth and Maine - and be among the first to try these amazing instruments in Quincy.

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