Monday, September 14, 2015

Downtown Coffee Shop

THERE IS ONE thing downtown Quincy could really use. It's a nice coffee shop, one that stays open past 2 p.m.

There have been coffee shops down here. I don't know why they haven't stayed open. I just think there are a lot of people downtown who would support the idea. There are places downtown with coffee, but not about coffee.

There are more and more people living down here. Lots of people work here. I just went to 30th and Broadway to get my glasses fixed (Genie, our newest addition, loves to eat things. I need to learn to put my things up, too).

Of course I had to go into Starbucks. Their coffee isn't anything great, but they've captured the whole earthy coffee shop essence. Hey - a pumpkin scone sounds cool and sounds like it might be good for you. So does a Venti soy latte. It's about going to the place as much as the place itself. Put on your sunglasses, head phones and stare at your laptop while sipping an iced Frappuccino. You are cool. You are in Starbucks.

A small and locally-owned coffee shop could make it down here. Downtown people need to be cool too, you know. And there are places with great space for rent, too. Ahem.

Get on it, downtown Q-Town. I'll be your first and best customer.

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