Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We are the "almost everything" music store

"YOU DON'T SELL sheet music? Well then, what kind of music store are you?"

She was calling for a certain song, saying it was for her daughter's wedding. She wasn't happy when I told her we didn't have sheet music. Lots of instruction books and some "Fake Books" with tons of songs, but no specific sheet music.

"Well," she huffed, "I'll just have to cross you off the list."

Phew. I was really worried about that list.

We get all kinds of interesting people in Second String Music, and all kinds of phone calls. When we get a difficult caller - they are not that common -we are always polite and do the best we can, but it can be exhausting.

Now I was the one venting. So Sheryl looked at me and said, "Don't worry about it. We don't do sheet music. It's that simple."

Still, the question from Crabby Mother of the Bride resonated in my head. What kind of music store are we, anyway?

This is where we started!
Well. We are small and slowly growing. We specialize in affordable guitars like Breedlove, Takamine, Dean, Luna and Ibanez. We have the amazing Goodtime banjos. We've had a huge school band rental season thanks to our partnership with Boyd Music. We have tons of the little things musicians need. Tons.

Above all, we try to be friendly and to make sure if you come into our store at Fifth and Maine, you get treated well and we do everything possible to find what you are looking for - even if you are just browsing.

I would love to have high end electric guitars hanging from our walls, and be independently wealthy. I'd love to have massive drum kits everywhere, a dedicated room for huge amp rigs, an entire square block of PA equipment, and not a care in the world. I'd love it if we had to hire full-time staff to handle the crush of musicians rushing in through our doors at all hours of the day and night, and live the jet set life of a pampered man.

But I'm good with who we are. We are Second String Music. I'm proud of our little Mom & Pop music store we started from nothing, and I mean nothing.

That's what kind of music store we are - minus the sheet music, of course.

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