Thursday, April 21, 2016

Angus, birthdays and Facebook dog friends

Jess, Angus' sister who still
lives on the farm
with momma and dad.
ANGUS THE YOUNG turned 2 the other day. He is as irascible, defiant and mischievous as ever. If you don't throw him the ball, he'll turn his Corgi Death Stare upon you and utter his vicious Corgi growl, which is actually his play growl.

We got Angus from a farm near Quincy, Their humans calls this breed Cowboy Corgi. It is a mix of a Corgi (momma, Snickers) and Cattle Dog (dad, Rocco). I will never forget the first day Sheryl brought Angus home, two weeks early. He knocked over my beer and then looked at me as if to say, "Well, this is MY place now."

He had a bunch of brothers and sisters, and after Sheryl posted happy birthday wishes to Angus on Facebook, several of his siblings also chimed in.
Only on Facebook can a post about a dog's birthday go viral and get hundreds of views, likes and comments. It was interesting to see what his brothers and sisters look like a couple of years later - Angus looks more like his Cattle Dog father, while his sisters and brother have the squatter Corgi body of their momma.

I think Angus is happy. Right now I'm in the back room of the store and he's laying right beside me taking a snooze. But a second later he has spotted Fast Eddie, so now there's a lot of chasing and barking and general mayhem - normal stuff on a normal weekday at Second String Music.
Angus' sister
*don't know her name*

Angus' mother, father and sister still live on the farm. One of these days we'll take a trip out there so they can hang out again. And I have no doubt what Angus will tell them.

"It took a while," he will say. "But I finally trained my humans to be just like I want 'em."

Angus our goofball!

Kristoff, Angus' brother.

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