Friday, April 8, 2016

Unique Spaces Tour

I'M ALWAYS GLAD to show off our historic Fifth and Maine building, time permitting, of course. People are amazed at the five stories, the history and the potential.

On April 16, The District is hosting a "Unique Spaces Tour" downtown and there are five buildings to explore - the History Museum, Gem City Cabinetry, Washington Theater, Phoenix Building and Masonic Temple. Click the above link for tickets, times and more info.

I've been through a couple of the buildings, but I'm particularly intrigued by the Phoenix and the Masonic Temple. If they are anything like our building, the walls practically beg to tell you stories and the history is everywhere.

Last year we got to show off our second floor on a District Loft Tour and we had a ton of people check out Missy Myers' photo studio. If you have a few hours a week from Saturday, I encourage you to check the tour out and learn about our history, and to see how grand an old building can be.

Come check out the Washington Theater April 16 as part of the Unique Spaces tour

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