Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rain, mad weather guys and no rain

THE STORMS LAST night were impressive. Tucker and Angus didn't think so - Tucker huddled under the bedroom table and Angus wouldn't leave my side, then snuggled next to Sheryl all night. It's a dog's life and we just live in it.

I got a huge kick out of watching Rich Cain do updates on KHQA. We rarely watch TV, especially network TV, but Rich did a very good job of explaining what the storms were doing and where they were headed. The best part was when somebody told him a few viewers weren't happy he was interrupting their show. "Gosh darn it!" Rich said. "People need to know!" He's right, and I'm so sorry you couldn't watch "Survivor", "Nashville" or "NCIS Marbelhead" or some other idiotic and brain-sapping show.

Go get 'em, Rich.

We are praying for dry weather. This weekend is Dogwood Festival in Quincy and we need the skies to be clear and the weather to be fair. So I'm asking the Spirit in the Sky for a favor. It will be dry tomorrow at 11:30 when Avenue Beat kicks off our Concerts In The Plaza, but Saturday is a bit iffy for the parade and the evening concert.

Rain rain, stay away. We'll be here at Fifth and Maine, regardless, and the party will go on, but it sure would be nice to enjoy the show in good weather. Please?

The dogs would appreciate it, too.

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