Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What's the password?

WHEN IT COMES to remembering computer passwords, I'm a complete, utter and totally useless dumbass.

This morning I tried to get on our local bank website. We have bills coming up with our checking account autopay. Sheryl told me the user name and password. And ... it didn't work.

Of course it didn't work! It would makes sense if it worked. It would be totally easy and logical and a breeze. We certainly can't have that in the way of the computer world.

Either that, or I entered the names incorrectly. There's no chance that could happen. Right.

I got pretty good at navigating cyberspace when I was writing about bad guys. Those skills are long gone. And I rarely check the bank account balance, leading to today's frustration.

Apparently just one wrong move locks out the account and takes 20 minutes to make a phone call, get the account reset and have them reset the password. THEN we have to change the password again when we login for the first time..... Can you see why I just let Sheryl do these things?

Anyway, we got it figured out. It was just one more aggravation Sheryl had to deal with, but now we are set and I know what is going on. She even showed me how to make the computer remember the password and user name.

It's amazing how I can remember song lyrics from 35 years ago, or where I was when Lanny McDonald scored in overtime of game 7 against the Islanders in 1977 to help the Leafs win the series. Wait a second ... it was 1978. I was so excited that I woke up my brother, Steve, and jumped up and down on Riverside Drive in London, Ontario.

It's more important to remember Lanny McDonald than some dumb bank password, anyway.

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