Thursday, September 15, 2016

A girl, a Luna uke and winning contests

I DON'T WATCH stupid talent shows or voice contests. It's all a bunch of clever camera angles and they focus more on judges than participants. I understand the whole concept, but to me it's the easy way out to get famous - I'll just be on a show, look cute, and boom! I'm famous!


Last night a 12-year-old girl named Grace VanderWall won a contest. I think Simon Mandell was one of the judges. Anyway, what makes Grace's story cool, besides having an awesome Dutch last name, is the fact she plays a Luna ukulele, and writes her own songs. Second String Music has the same uke she played on her way to TV stardom, and they continue to be popular items in the store.

So good for her. I hope she buys a lot of neat stuff with her millions and her Las Vegas residency. She probably does have a lot of talent. And a Luna uke. So we think that is fabulous.

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