Friday, September 2, 2016

Second floor space available

OUR SECOND FLOOR space at Fifth and Maine is up for rent again. The previous tenants did an amazing job of updating the corner office area, fixing windows, painting and putting down new flooring. This is commercial space only and would make a great office, with a view of Washington Park.

There are two areas up there - one runs the length of Maine Street, and that was refurbished as well by the prior tenant. Combined, the spaces have all kinds of possibilities.

You'd have reasonable rent, great landlords on site to help with any issue, and a safe and secure location.

Let us know if you are interested - (217) 223-8008. I'd be glad to show you around, and we are proud to continue to breathe new life into a historic building.


  1. Any chance you'd be interested in renting or "selling" a floor to be converted into a living space? Just a thought! We'd be interested! -Esther Moore

    1. The space is zoned for commercial use only and has never been residential. To convert it would be extremely expensive.