Thursday, September 8, 2016

Christmas is coming

IT'S SEPTEMBER. IT'S still 90 degrees outside. Summer seems to be holding on.

Yet we are thinking about Christmas and the holiday season. A small business has to get ready early, you know. This month we received all of the stock we have to order for the busy season ahead.

In the past few weeks we've received our new Gretsch instruments, and restocked our Takamine, Ibanez and Breedlove acoustic guitars. We have full stock now of our Roland guitar and bass amplifiers. We now carry Gretsch and Luna ukuleles, all beautiful instruments. Second String Music is bulging with amazing instruments at affordable prices. 

We are seeing it already, people coming in with an eye toward getting that guitar or bass or amp. One guy even said, "Well, it's my Christmas present for myself." However you want to talk yourself into it, we're ready to help!

I hate the commercialization of the season. Sheryl tells people that this is the time of year to choose a great instrument because we have every model in stock.
So we straddle that fine line of getting ready early enough without beating everybody over the head. And if I hear any Christmas music before Thanksgiving, we will ask you to play something else in our store.

The other day I noticed a Christmas tree already up at a local gift shop business. I started to get mad. Then I stopped. We all do it. And at least the tree wasn't plugged in. Yet.

Enjoy the dog days of summer with our dogs at Second String Music. And we won't put up the tree until after Thanksgiving. Promise!

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