Monday, September 19, 2016

Cats and birthdays

EMILY HART TURNS 25 today. Wow. Double wow. Am I that old? Wasn't she just getting done with third grade at Berrian? Wasn't she just zipping by me playing sock football?

Emily wants a cat. I don't think she can have one right now, seeing as her apartment in Macomb is pet-free. When we were up there recently we walked around the square and we kept seeing cats in stores - it made me want to go in, except it was at night and they were closed. But a store with a dog or a cat is the place to be, and I'm pretty sure Emily has been in the stores to see the cats. Fast Eddie, of course, approves.

Someday Emily will get a cat. In the meantime, her friend, Ginny Helmer, found this gem on YouTube. I can't stop laughing, because it's so goofy and ludicrous and serious and .... and .... it's so Emily.

So happy birthday, Ya Big! These cats are for you.

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