Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Disconnecting on the lake

SHERYL, EMILY AND I had a fabulous weekend on a Lake Michigan beach. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Helen are gracious hosts and it was so good to see family again.

The sun, the beach, great people and cold beer. Need I say more?

Another great thing about going up there is the disconnection. Our phones don't get service on a high sand dune above the big hole in the ground full of water. So I'm learning to simply leave the phone in the car or someplace I can't see it. It doesn't matter if somebody is calling or emailing about the store, the band, space for rent, life itself. It. Doesn't. Matter. We will catch up later.

We took Angus The Young with us and even he chillaxed. He spent most of his time swimming in the creek, chasing his new Michigan frisbee, and meeting other dogs. On Sunday afternoon, he eventually dug a hole in the sand under Sheryl's chair and snoozed the rest of our beach time away. It's a dogs life!

When we got home, I hauled everything into the house, flopped on the couch, and .... turned on the computer.

I've lost the ability to disconnect at home. There are times when it's just better to leave it alone, and maybe do something constructive, like, talk with your wife, or take the dogs for a walk, or make dinner. So Sheryl gently reminded me that I was expected to stay off the computer.

Screw the computer. The outside world and everything going on can wait. It's important to be aware and to stay in touch to and hear the latest Trumptastic disaster. I get it. Shoot - you are reading this blog, which I am grateful for, don't get me wrong.

So it's back to real life today. I'm good with it. Sheryl has a light tan on her face, my legs and back ache from the spirited beach volleyball game Sunday, and the dogs are happy to see us again.

I'm ready for the world, with memories of a sun-drenched beach and a turned-off phone to keep me going. Lake Michigan has renewed us for another year.

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