Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I'm with Her

PEOPLE ARE OFTEN surprised when they learn Sheryl works on guitars. In the early days customers, mostly men, would come in and ask if I was around so I could look at their guitar. This was motivation for her to get up to speed on guitar repair quickly.

Sheryl worked hard and learned quickly the ins and outs of routine guitar maintenance. She is not a guitar player, but she is a computer geek and she takes a more analytical approach to it, a huge advantage.

Yesterday a guy came in and was wondering about strings for his higher end guitar. He hemmed and hawed and admitted that he knew little about working on his guitars, even though he owned a lot of them. We explained his options and let him know something could be done for his baby. Finally he caved and let Sheryl restring it and do some intonation and action work on it.

She Devil by ESP/ltd guitars
He was surprised when she got done. "This is so much better," he said. "Wow. You cracked the code. You do great work!"

Sheryl just shrugged it off. She's been dealing with biased people who have preconceived notions about women in a music store for more than five years. In the beginning we felt that part of our challenge in business would come because she was running the place. It really was a concern early on but throughout the years we have held firm in our belief that musicians are open minded enough to give a gal a chance.

In this strange political year, with the possibility of a woman finally breaking though the presidential glass ceiling, we don't think it is too hard to imagine that women can do anything. Underestimating Sheryl is probably the least of my concerns though.

I'm with Her.

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