Monday, March 20, 2017

Don't fight - jig!

Gittin Jiggy Wid It.
WE HOPE YOU had a great St. Patrick's weekend. Looks like we've all lived to tell the tales. Some are bigger and more Irish than others. GUH.

Here's the best story from the weekend. Remember, You Can't Make It Up.

Early Saturday afternoon, 911 received a call about "five men fighting" in the parking lot of a bar on Broadway. The officer dispatched to the scene soon radioed back - "Disregard."

Seems the five men weren't fighting. They were doing "an Irish jig." Certainly an Irish jig and a parking lot brawl have a lot in common - when you sober up I'm sure you'd rather forget it, or don't remember it at all.

So if you drive past the bar and you see five guys lurching around and falling into each other, consider it the luck of the Irish, and keep driving. Especially around St. Patrick's weekend.

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