Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Keep on scooting

I WENT TO Traeder's TNT this morning and got a new battery for the scooter. I bought it from the Traeders eight years ago, and it's still purring right along.

The scooter gets between 75 and 100 miles per gallon. We have put 6,700 miles on it. Let's say the average price of gas the last eight years is around $3 a gallon. If I save 50 miles for every gallon of gas versus driving my car, I figure I've saved .... well. A lot of money. I'm lousy at math, so Sheryl will probably figure this out for me.

Bottom line is that it's been worth every penny. Quincy is a great town to have a scooter, because you can ride it on every street except Broadway. And you can use it nine or 10 months of the year - I got it out Sunday and zipped around to do errands, and took it to the store Monday when Sheryl had the car and was teaching.

Some day I'd like to do away with the car forever. But vehicles are like computers and the internet - we don't realize just how dependent we've become on them.

And yes, I still look strange, a 6-foot-7 dude on a little scooter. Fortunately I couldn't care less - it gets me to where I need to go and it's fun to ride.

Spring is here (though it's supposedly going to snow Saturday). Bring on the warmer weather and the scooter rides!

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