Friday, March 24, 2017

What to do when visiting Quincy

MY COUSIN, ROLAND Hart, is coming to Quincy next weekend for a little solo road trip. Roland lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is visiting the Q-Town for the first time.

Roland is a very good guitar player, so I think he'll be just fine surrounded by all kinds of stuff to play. I think he'll enjoy knocking around town and checking it out. At least one of the nights I have a gig and I'll drag him along and force him to be a roadie, or maybe even play a song or two with us if he wants.

Friends and family have visited us before and they like Quincy. It's small enough and has history. They like driving up Maine Street and strolling through Calftown. We have nice shops and restaurants and live music on weekends. There is always something going on.

I've thought about what Roland should do. He's a pretty self-reliant dude so he'll figure stuff out on his own - maybe I'll put him to work and have him tune guitars, sell stuff and make sure no ghosts are knocking around the upper floors of Fifth and Maine.

There are some places you go and everything is planned out to the minute. Not here. We'll just take it as it comes and have ourselves a good time. That's maybe what I love most about Quincy - easy peazy!

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