Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ready to rock with another street party!

A street party means a store party!
THE DISTRICT FORMALLY announced the bands for a street party during QFest weekend. Click here for the full press release. On Saturday night, June 3, Maine Street between Fifth and Sixth will be rocking and we'll be right in the thick of it.

QFest is replacing MidSummer Arts Faire and has moved to the first weekend of June. We have some great local acoustic and band acts lined up for Saturday and Sunday during the day hours in Washington Park, and the party Saturday night should be epic.

I got asked yesterday by several people if I was offended there wasn't a local band invited to play the Saturday night show. No. Bleep no! If I can watch two good bands play right in front of my store for a paltry $5, plus throw a little bash in the store, plus offer up our back area as a Green Room for the bands (like we did last year during Dogwood's rain delay), we are all about it.

I'm all about playing and having fun - this Saturday The Cheeseburgers will be rocking the annual Fabulous Furball for the Quincy Humane Society, and we couldn't be more fired up. But sometimes it's nice to take a weekend off and enjoy watching somebody else do the entertaining, and to just forget about life for a while and have some fun.

I suggest you join us!

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  1. And - all local musicians are playing on Saturday and Sunday during the day, so I'd say that is a win-win! It's going to be awesome. Thanks for your support and help with Q-Fest!