Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Health care story

SHERYL AND I are watching the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act with equal parts horror and fascination. Thank you, Sherlock Trump, for telling us what we've known for a long time - the health care thing is really complicated.

How can you be President of the USA and not know that the issue of health insurance and/or health care is a complicated issue? How can you be a citizen of the USA and not know that this is an important and complicated issue? Sheryl is particularly amazed and comfuzed at the lack of basic knowledge that this president has about many important (and yes complicated) parts of his JOB.

What is very simple is that without the ACA, Second String Music will not be in business. Period. So we watch and wait and pray and hope we can figure it out.

Here's a great story from my cousin Natalie in Grand Rapids. Her tale is precautionary and an example of how things are supposed to work.

We'll keep watching. And I will cross my fingers behind my back.

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  1. Businessmen such as Trump have one motive- profit. This mentality does not translate well into public service with many social and health care aspects. The "new" plan will be the "old" plan with a different name- TrumpCare or something similar. I also have a hard time with people who do not understand and grasp difficult concepts, yet try to dismiss them as easily solved with little effort. Best wishes with the store and future health care needs.