Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Riding The Storm Out

WE GOT SMACKED by a righteous thunderstorm last night. The warning sirens went off a little after 10 p.m., waking us both up. We turned on the TV, saw the line of storms crashing toward us, and headed to the basement.

Quite the scene, our little family. Sheryl, me, three ticked off dogs and a cat. Tucker is morbidly afraid of storms and was a mess. Angus patiently sat on us, and Genie simply laid down and waited it out. Josie thought it was all a big game and prowled around the five of us huddled up against the basement wall.

At least Sheryl got the litter box cleaned and I figured out there are 7.2 million spider webs by the furnace. Fifteen minutes later the hail stopped clattering off the house, and we were good to go.

Up in Macomb, Emily tracked down her neighbors and waited it out in their basement. She brought her oboes and wine. Glad to see she has perspective and priorities!

Tornado warnings are nothing to fool around with. I'm glad we didn't get much damage, but it sure was a light show. I'm a bit afraid to look up at our Fifth and Maine building for fear of finding more windows blown out, but maybe we lucked out.

So I'm thankful for basements and warning systems, and even shaking dogs and a playful cat.

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