Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hey Ginny - remember learning a C chord?

WE DIDN'T GET a chance to catch the Quincy Notre Dame Spring Show over the weekend. Our loss. I've heard rave reviews and it never ceases to amaze me how much talent we have in both our public and parochial school programs.

Two of my guitar students played in the QND show. Adam Kirkpatrick, who is turning into a monstrous player, performed "American Pie" and killed it, from what we hear. And Ginny Steinkamp, who took lessons here for about a year, did a duet with her boyfriend, the classic Kansas song "Dust In The Wind." I've seen the Facebook clip and it's stunning - where the heck did Ginny learn that fingerstyle technique? Not from this burned out 80s hairband guy, that's for sure.

Stretch those fingers to play the C, Ginny!
I recall Ginny as a very shy and quiet girl who wanted to play guitar. She bought a beautiful Dean acoustic, which she still plays, and it didn't take her very long to figure it out. Some students just take to it naturally and put in the time to learn, which is the key.

Now she's giving lessons and discovering the joy of playing and teaching music, a powerful thing indeed.

Gosh. Where do the years fly by? I seem to remember Ginny wrinkling her nose when she was trying to learn that finger-stretching C chord. You've come a million miles in a short time, Ginny.

How much do you charge for lessons? Maybe this old dog can finally learn that fingerstyle thing you do ....

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