Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The great new (used) car buying adventure

OUR BELOVED IMPALA will soon be resting in pieces. We took it to a local body shop, and the extensive damage from Sunday’s Fun With Hydroplaning experience was severe. It will cost more to fix than the car is worth.

Our insurance company is awesome - you know it’s good when the adjuster, Marc Meyer, walks in and asks how his dad is doing with guitar lessons. Marc played drums with legendary Quincy band Superimposed, so you know he’s a good guy.

So we are on the hunt for a car. We test drove one last night, taking Angus with us to make sure he could jump up into it. Sheryl is doing all the work and out poking around as we speak and we are getting closer.

She’s a master negotiator. We are trying to do this without a loan and on a budget, and it’s not easy. Sheryl has way more business savvy, so we should be okay.

What’s strange about the whole wreck thing is that yesterday, two days later, I started to get the shakes and see my life flashing before my eyes. I asked Sheryl if it was PTSD. “Nope. It just means you are human,” she said.

A human with a new (to us) vehicle, hopefully.

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