Thursday, January 4, 2018

Back on the ice

IT HAS BEEN a few years since I’ve been ice skating. The winters in Quincy are hit and miss and the window for clean ice is small. The last few winters it hasn’t gotten cold enough at all to form decent ice.

Now it’s been really cold and there are opportunities. This weekend, if I can find my skates, and if they aren’t too dull, I’ll try to get out.

There were some guys on the south end of town who had epic pickup games on a large pond. Not sure if they are still around. South Park usually has good ice, and there are hidden stretches of Curtis Creek perfect for skating.

Our friend and Second String Music legend Steve Rees lives on the Quincy Bay and sent me a picture the other day of the ice. Apparently it’s in really good shape. A look at this weekend’s forecast shows tomorrow and Saturday would be good days. Then it’s supposed to ice up and rain Sunday. Ugh...

With a start I’ve just realized the last time I really had a good skate was about 8 years ago. Back then I looked forward to lacing up the skates and zipping around the pond, feeling the cold wind in my face and reliving my younger years.

Now I’m hoping I can get around a lap or two without having a heart attack or falling flat on my out of shape carcass. If I fall through the ice I will at least die happy.

Either way, I’m bound and determined to get back on the blades. If it’s gonna be cold, embrace it!

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