Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two on five ... and still winning

I WAS A sports guy for 10 years and saw a lot of amazing things. I can still remember the ends of games from 30 years ago. That's the thing about sports - you never know what might happen.

Last Tuesday night I was at The Whig working the desk and we heard about one of our teams, Marion County, being in a close game at Atlanta. They are both small schools in Missouri. The final score was 51-50 for Marion County, and our sports part-timer chasing down game results, D.T. Christiansen, called the Marion County coach.

All we heard was D.T. saying "Really?" and "Wow!" and "You must have invented the triangle defense." Then D.T. hung up the phone and said, "You won't believe this, but Marion County won the game with just two players."

Two players?

Turns out Marion County had just six players dressed for the game, and four of them fouled out in the final three minutes. That left only two players, and Marion County still managed to win.

I'm going to give D.T. some love here, because he's a Quincy University student who really busts his tail and goes after it when he works the desk. He wrote a good story with a classic lead, and it's still the fifth-most viewed story on whig.com a week later.

Other media picked up on it too, and the video is featured here on the MaxPreps website.

As you can see in the the MaxPreps video, the Marion County player gets the ball at the end of the game, dribbles against five guys, and gets fouled as he drives to the rim. Then he sinks the free throw for the winning point.

Check out the crowd after Atlanta heaves a long shot as the game ends. The game was in Atlanta, and the home fans can't believe what they are seeing.

Sports, as in life, subscribes to the time-tested saying of "You Can't Make It Up." Even when you are down to just two players.

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