Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New keys, peace of mind

WE HAD THE house locks changed and new keys made today. Sheryl called our friends at A-1 Security and Chuck came out to the house, expertly dismantled the door knobs and latches, made new keys and put them back in, all in about half an hour. He even fixed some wonky latches that only needed small adjustments to work better. Who knew!

We've come to know A-1 because we've changed more than a few locks in our Second String Music building. Having good locks on the doors means peace of mind, something you can't put a price on, and A-1 is really easy to work with and gets it done quickly and affordably.

Sheryl found a bunch of keys in various drawers and hiding places. It's amazing how they accumulate. She gave them to Chuck, who promised to recycle them. It always feels better when you declutter and recycle. See? This whole getting new keys thing just keeps getting better and better.

Take a good hard look at your key ring. Do you have a bunch of keys on there that serve no purpose? The more keys you have, the more complicated your life is. I have nine keys on my ring. They are for the scooter, house, garage, shed and store. Oh, and for The Whig.

Wait a second ... what the heck is this skinny key right here? It might be for an old bike lock, now that I think about it, and I resolve to figure it out soon. Maybe. Probably not.

There is also a trusty Ibanez bottle opener on my key ring. Hey, you never know when you might get stranded on a Lake Michigan beach and need it.

We recommend A-1 if you need new keys or have security concerns. They are good people, local, and they care. And that, my friends, is the key to any business!

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