Friday, January 5, 2018

Trusting employees

SHERYL AND I are fortunate to have Steve Rees as a part-time employee at Second String Music. In addition to playing every instrument known to man, Steve can fix almost everything with strings, and he’s a little bit twisted with his humor. That means he fits right in around here.

Steve only works a few hours a week. Sometimes I wish we could hire more employees and get away from the store more. I get to disappear on Macker adventures a few times a year, but Sheryl is pretty much here every day and all day, except Sundays.

Steve's Christmas card from 2 years ago. Goof.
Having Steve means having a tiny bit of freedom. If we do need to bail for a few days, he can cover the store. And it’s great to have an employee you can trust - he restrings and works on my own personal guitars. When we get a particularly challenging project to work on, Steve tackles it with gusto and doesn’t get discouraged, and he’ll go the extra step to get the job done right. Steve also tells me the ice by his house on the Quincy bay is pretty good right now, so I’m inviting myself over this weekend to try it out.

We trust Steve, and he trusts I won’t trip and break my neck on the ice. I think.

You are only as good as your reputation in a small business. Second String Music is our life, who we are. You can’t have just anybody help out, even if it’s for a few hours a week. We have trust and faith in Steve, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Ask any of the other small businesses in downtown Quincy, and they will tell you the same thing - good help is a blessing, and you can’t survive without it.

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