Thursday, February 8, 2018

Blues with Steve

HEADING TO ST. LOUIS in a few to meet my brother, Steve, and go the Blues game. There is nothing like watching hockey live, and he has scored some sweet seats.

We don’t seen each other much - he lives in Phoenix and is in the Lou on business, more or less. In fact, the last time we hung out was in St. Louis to see The Who nearly two years ago, which is way too long between visits.

He’s staying downtown, so I’ll park the car and we’ll either walk or Lyft our way to the game (and a stop or two before and after). St. Louis is relatively easy to get around in.

So, go Blues and hooray for short getaways! Sheryl is hanging with Angus today at the store and has found a creative way to get home tonight, and she’ll blog about it tomorrow.

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