Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sorry, it's gone

ONE OF THE many challenging parts of small business is figuring out what sells. For us, it's the more affordable guitars and amps. If it was up to me, the musician, we'd have expensive guitars on the walls and high-end everything. Since Sheryl is the businesswoman and is the only reason we are still alive and kicking after seven years, we try to offer the good stuff but we realize where the bread and butter is in our store.

So, consider this your fair notice - we are having a huge sale all month long. It ends February 28th! All of our Dean and Luna guitars (acoustic/electric/bass) and all of our half-size guitars (luna, jasmine, fender, ibanez, jackson) are 20% off. They won't last long. We've sold a bunch in the last week and have a lot of people looking at them. Don't sit on your hands if you've had your eye on one.

We know buying an instrument, from a $130 Jasmine acoustic to a $1,500 Fender Strat, is a big deal. Musicians want the best bang for their buck and they often think carefully about buying. We get it.

A few weeks ago we had an inexpensive Ephiphone on the floor. It got a lot of looks and a lot of comments on our Facebook page. People went nuts over it. One man in particular had me play it for him and he said he'd be back to buy it.

He didn't come back until yesterday, and by then the guitar was long gone (it took three days to sell). He wasn't happy. This defies one of the basic tenants of retail, carved in stone by Sheryl's mom, the late Wilma Collins (a shopper extraordinaire). If you see it and want it, buy it. Also, if there are two, buy them both! Her mother was a genius.

We are all about doing your homework and taking your time before buying a guitar. But realize in the topsy turvy world of retail, items come and go. We'll do our  best to make sure it's here, but in the end, guitars sell and we move on.

Hopefully we can sell a few to you.

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