Monday, February 19, 2018

Three dogs, a cat and a thunderstorm

WE HAD MASSIVE thunderstorms roll through the Q-Town overnight. These are enough to wake the dead. It's even worse when you have three dogs and a cat.

Angus The Young always sleeps on the bed, and Tucker will jump up there too. Throw in Josie, the cat who thinks she is a dog, and Sheryl has plenty of furry companions with her when she sleeps. Genie usually finds a corner of the room or sleeps on the living room couch.

Last night the thunder and lightning started, and that meant no sleep for Sheryl. Tucker and Genie cowered at the side of the bed. Josie burrowed under the covers, and Angus somehow ended up under Sheryl's pillow.

Usually on top of the covers, except during a thunderstorm...
Where was I? Passed out upstairs.

There isn't much you can do when the storms roll in. Border Collies in particular have issues with loud noises. Sheryl didn't get much sleep and finally rolled out of bed in a bad mood. I can't blame her, because sleep is sleep and if you don't get it, the whole day gets thrown out of whack.

We have Angus at the store today and he's really acting strange. He keeps coming back to the back room and sleeping at my feet while I type this. I had a few lessons this morning and he wouldn't budge from under my feet, and he Corgi-growled his displeasure when I woke him up and made him move so I could balance my guitar on my knees.

So tonight I'll go home and have a chat with the canines and the cat, and I'm sure they will listen and not roll their eyes and be in good moods while I tell them to leave Sheryl alone and make sure she can sleep.

Right. It's their world. We just sleep in it. Or try to, anyway.

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