Monday, February 5, 2018

Fender dealers

SECOND STRING MUSIC is upping the game by going all-in on as Fender Dealers. We will be getting a few high-end American Strats and Teles. We will also be getting about 10 Mexican Strats and Teles. These will range from $600 and up. HUGE deal for us tiny guys on the corner of 5th & Maine. You know we aren't rich and really take our time to make these decisions.

It's tough for a small retailer to sell anything more than $300. Musicians are notoriously tight with their cash, and I'm not being critical since I'm a musician and I'm very careful with my money. Sheryl and I are excited but nervous, because this is a huge investment and we simply can't afford to have high-end stuff collecting dust in the store. So we are doing our homework and Sheryl has put together an awesome order - check our Facebook page for the arrival.

If you are a gigging musician or want to get into the big leagues, here's a chance to play and perhaps buy a great guitar in Quincy IL. Fender guitars have been around since the dawn of rock and roll, and you can't beat them for feel, sound and durability.

If you buy a guitar for more than $1,000 at Second String Music, I will give you four free guitar lessons (worth $70), or you can take home a new Boss pedal from our in-stock selection, worth up to $150. We want to give you an incentive to shop local, special order local or just tell us to get a specific guitar in you want to try. We will do it!

We already have some amazing Fender amps in stock, like the Blues Junior and the Princeton Reverb. I've got my eye on the Princeton and it won't be on the floor long - serious tube amp users will be blown away with how loud and clean it sounds.

Here it is, Q-Town. We match internet prices, you can browse and pick without any rush, and you know exactly what you are getting after you play a Fender. Fifth and Maine, baby!

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