Thursday, February 22, 2018

We never close

FEBRUARY IS THE worst month in Quincy. It's still dreary and it doesn't want to let "winter" go. We had an icy rain overnight, so schools are closed and it's probably going to be very quiet in the store today. This, of course, is two days after it was nearly 60 degrees and rained all day.

One lesson this morning has already canceled, and there might be more, but we are here and I hope my students can make it. Maybe by this afternoon it will be better. The roads are fine but the sidewalks are a bit slick, and I understand why people don't like to go out when it's like this.

Sheryl asked if we could stay closed today, but she has a stack of work and likes to procrastinate. I am hopeful we get our guitar lessons in this afternoon. I guess I'll just force myself to play our new Fenders and tinker with my new tube amp.

We went to Electric Fountain this morning for coffee before opening and it was very quiet in there, too. Tom Gooding works there (and is a very good guitar player and student of mine) and he said it was a slow morning.

He asked if we'd ever closed due to weather, and the answer is no. Almost exactly five years ago, we had a blizzard hit us and we closed at about 3 p.m. It was actually treacherous out and it took us forever to get home. But that's the only time.

Ironically, we had a customer waiting for us to open when we rolled into Fifth and Maine.

So. We are here, like always. The roads aren't bad. If you wanna hang out, this is as good a place as any!

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